Alpine ILX-007 Manual (Owner’s Manual)

Alpine ILX-007 Specification:

  • Display: 7-inch Capacitive Touch Screen with High-Resolution Display.
  • Inputs and Outputs: 1 Camera Input, 1 A/V AUX Input, 3 PreOuts (2V, Front/Rear/Subwoofer)
  • Features: Apple CarPlay, Steering Wheel Control Ready, USB Charging capability, MP3 ID3 Tag Display, Alpine TuneIt™

Alpine ILX-007 Owner’s Manual

Alpine ILX-007 Owner’s Manual (2.67MB)



The Alpine ILX-007 Multimedia Station for Apple CarPlay gives you the easiest and most efficient way to use your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay enables iPhone users in an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use the Maps app, listen to music, and access messages simply by speaking or touching. You can also enjoy music through the Spotify app, internet radio, or Podcasts while traveling for a 100% connected experience. When Apple CarPlay is used on the receiver, it can be controlled via the 7 inches (17.7cm) high-resolution capacitive screen or via Siri voice control to avoid distraction while driving. Apple CarPlay is compatible with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus or above with the latest version of iOS.

Apple CarPlay offers an intuitive and secure solution for using your iPhone in the car. Simply connect your iPhone to the Alpine ILX-007 via the Lightning cord and the CarPlay apps automatically appear on the Alpine multimedia station screen. Use the 7-inch (17.7cm) capacitive screen or Siri to know your way around, make calls, find your music tracks in your list or dictate an SMS and even read the messages you receive thanks to Siri, for further read the receiver manual was provided. In addition, other applications are Apple CarPlay approved, such as Spotify, Internet Radio, and others, the list continues to grow. Apple CarPlay lets you use all of these apps while keeping your eyes on the road.

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Basic, four Apple CarPlay applications are pre-loaded: Music, Phone, Maps, and Messages on Alpine ILX-007. These apps work just like on your iPhone but have been optimized for in-vehicle use. Just tell Siri what music you want to listen to, dictate a text, ask for directions, or make a phone call. When the vehicle is stationary, you have access to additional possibilities such as an alphanumeric keypad to manually enter a destination.

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