Alpine ILX-407 Manual (Owner’s Manual)

Alpine ILX-407 Specifications:

  • Display: Full Color 7-inch LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Features: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, PowerStack Compatible, SiriusXM Satellite, HD Radio Ready, Bluetooth
  • Playback and Audio: MP3 AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA, and WAV, 5-band parametric equalizer

Alpine ILX-407 Owner’s Manual

Alpine ILX-407 Owner’s Manual (27.06MB)



The new receiver is intended to be a sound system builder that is simple to use. When upgrading dash technology, it’s common to lose stock features like steering wheel controls and access to engine codes. The Alpine iLX-407, on the other hand, is compatible with the iDatalink® Maestro Module, allowing for the retention of specific OEM functions and the display of vehicle information on the 7-inch screen.

For the back, side, or front cameras, there are two RCA inputs. When the back camera is turned on, it overlays directions on the screen to make driving in reverse easier. With the KCX-C2600B Universal Front and Rear Camera Selector, you can add more cameras. While the Alpine iLX-407 lacks a mechanical input, it does include an HDMI port that can be used to connect a CD player, DVD player, or even your smartphone for all-digital music and video.

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Because of the KTA-200 Dynamic M’s Peak Power, which effectively generates 400W during power-hungry song sections, the S-SB10V can create clean, powerful bass when powered from the Alpine iLX-407 and a 200W KTA-200M PowerStackTM Amplifier with a necessary power range of 250W – 600W RMS. To set up the head unit, please read the receiver manual properly.

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