Epson FX-890IIN Manual (User Guide and Installation)

The User Guide and Installation Guide for Epson FX-890IIN

Epson FX-890IIN manual is in PDF format, The manual provided is a User’s manual and Installation Guide.

Epson FX-890IIN Installation Guide (PDF)
Filename: fx890iinbb.pdf

Epson FX-890IIN User’s Guide (PDF)
Filename: fx890iiug.pdf

Epson FX-890IIN Specification

  • Print format: Up to A4
  • Print speed: 735 cps, Up to 10cpi Mono Print
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet


The 9-pin printer prints quickly and extremely reliably with an extremely low total cost of ownership and are also network-compatible. The 80-column Epson FX-890IIN dot matrix printer for high volume and low total cost of ownership is designed for fast, reliable network printing. It impresses with its modern and compact design as well as a number of new features for unique flexibility.

The Epson FX-890IIN offers an optimized USD (Ultra Speed ​​Draft) speed of 735 characters per second at 12 characters per inch, which makes a noticeable difference for high print volumes such as stock exchange reports, large batches of invoices, or freight documents. These new printers improve Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) by 25% to 25,000 hours of operation, making them ideal for harsh conditions and environments where regular maintenance is impractical.

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This Epson FX-890IIN dot matrix printer series from Epson impresses with a modern design and fits perfectly into your work environment. This new network model supports both serial and Ethernet interfaces for even better connectivity.

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