Epson LQ-2090II Manual (User Guide and Installation)

The User Guide and Installation Guide for Epson LQ-2090II

Epson LQ-2090II manual is in PDF format, The manual provided is a User’s manual and Installation Guide.

Epson LQ-2090II Installation Guide (PDF)
Filename: lq590iibb.pdf

Epson LQ-2090II User’s Guide (PDF)
Filename: lq590iiug.pdf

Epson LQ-2090II Specification

  • Printing technology: Needle/matrix pressure
  • Paper size: A3
  • Type printer: Color print | b / w
  • Weight: 9 kg – 10 kg
  • Interface: Parallel, USB 2.0



The Epson LQ-2090II stop printer offers the durability and productivity required for critical daily printing requirements. These reliable 24-pin large-format stroke printers are characterized by long life and high speeds.

The ribbon cassette comprising up to 8 million characters reduces user interventions as well as the cost per page. They were developed for seamless integration in virtually any system and include the printer languages ​​EPSON ESC / P2 and IBM PPDs. These working horses are ideal for harsh environments suitable for rough environments and grass through the cut sheets, endless or multi-part forms with a thickness of up to 7 pages. You have an intuitive control panel for easy installation and operation. The Epson LQ-2090II is a reliable needle printer for daily productive use with an MTBF of up to 25,000 hours. It is ideal for applications that use continuous paper or multi-part printer paper: it prints in addition to the original up to 6 throughputs.

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Thanks to the USB port and a parallel interface, it can be quickly and easily integrated into workflows. With enduring burn-up materials, low electricity bracing, and its compact design, the printer quickly becomes an economic helper in everyday work. The Epson LQ-2090II is a high-volume needle printer that has been developed for fast and reliable printing. Upgrade your existing needle printers to our latest model, which is now Energy Star compatible and provides an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

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