Epson LQ-680Pro Manual (User Manual)

The User Guide for Epson LQ-680Pro

Epson LQ-680Pro manual is in PDF format, The manual provided is a User’s manual.

Epson LQ-680Pro User Manual (PDF)
Filename: lq680pu1.pdf

Epson LQ-680Pro Specification

  • Printing Method: 24-pin, impact dot matrix, narrow carria
  • Print Speed: (cps @10 cpi)
  • Print Head Life: 400 million strokes/wire
  • Printer Language: ESC/P2, IBM 2390 Plus emulation
  • Optional network connectivity


The Epson LQ-680Pro is the latest dot-matrix printer from Epson whose quality has been proven. Get the benefits and convenience when using this dot matrix printer for printing needs. The Gap Adjuster available in this printer can be used to set the platen gap to suit the type of paper being used and this prevents paper imbalances and jams that can cause problems during operation. In addition, Auto Paper Changer lets you switch between cut sheets and feed or paper forms without leaving your workbench.

The Epson LQ-680Pro offers a high print speed of up to 413 cps. What’s more, the print mechanism using 24-pin Eco-Drive technology achieves this high level of productivity without burdening your electricity bill. And when the print job is complete, the automatic power-saving function puts the printer in standby mode for even more savings. This Epson dot-matrix printer is capable of printing up to 6 copies of documents, 1 original and 5 copies. This printer has an ergonomic plate which is ideal for printing more effectively and efficiently. The paper print direction setting on this printer can be changed manually or automatically as needed.

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This printer is compatible with various types and versions of computer operating systems. The Epson LQ-680Pro is interoperable and can be equipped with a Type-B Level 2 interface card (optional) for extensive connectivity. In addition to the Epson Status Monitor 3 screen on the screen, this printer is also equipped with Auto Platen Gap adjuster and Auto Paper Changer features.

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