Flashforge Creator Max 2 Manual (User Guide)

Flashforge Creator Max 2 Specifications:

  • Design type: Fully assembled
  • Interface: IPS Color Touchscreen, Print from USB and SD Card
  • Build volume (in liters): 4.44
  • Filament: PLA, PLA Pearl, ABS, ABS Pro, PVA, HIPS (1.75 mm)
  • Data formats: STL, OBJ, 3MF, FPP, BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG
  • Software: Flash print

Flashforge Creator Max 2 User Guide

Flashforge Creator Max 2 User Guide Manual PDF



This 3D printer retains the classic closed structure and adds to the It adds exciting new features compared to its older brother. Flashforge made the dual extruder system independent so models can be printed simultaneously in dual or mirror mode. It has also been improved with a user-friendly interface, which makes the printer even easier to use. Print more, print faster and more efficiently. The Flashforge Creator Max 2 has two independent high-precision extruders. It can be used to print two models in parallel. This accelerates the printing speed and improves the work efficiency tremendously.

With the newly developed pair of extruders, you can avoid rejects in the printing process and achieve a better end result. No more buttons or old-fashioned screens, Flashforge has developed a more intuitive and better touchscreen interface for the Flashforge Creator Max 2. Easy to use, quick to set up, and quick to print. You don’t change what works, you improve it. All metal and plastic parts are designed to work together with great precision.

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With the expansion of the independent dual extruder system, the Flashforge Creator Max 2 is able to print complex files with different colors or material combinations with even higher precision and better results. The closed design of the printer allows you to print PLA, PLA Pearl, PVA, ABS, ABS Pro, and HIPS. In this way, it is possible to print special carrier materials, combine ABS with HIPS as a carrier or PLA with water-soluble PVA.

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