Ricoh SP C842DN Manual (Quick Start and Installation Guide)

Installation Guide and Start Guide for Ricoh SP C842DN

Ricoh SP C842DN Quick Installation Guide
Type: PDF
Size: 1.4MB

Ricoh SP C842DN Start Guide (Operating Instructions)
Type: PDF
Size: 3.1MB

Ricoh SP C842DN Specifications

  • Speed: 45 pages / min.(b/w) up to 45 pages / min. (Color)
  • Time to first print (color): 5.7 sec.
  • Printer language: PCL 5E/5C, PostScript 3, PCL 6, PDF


Ricoh SP C842DN is equipped with a full range of functions such as various paper handling capabilities and sorting printing to prevent medical malpractice. When printing multiple sizes of medicine bags with one print job, you may have to wait to switch paper sizes. With this machine, you do not have to wait for paper size switching even when printing on different paper sizes. A 10.1-inch WSVGA large full-color touch panel is used to realize intuitive operations such as dragging and flicking, just like smart devices. It is possible to eliminate hard keys and perform all operations on the touch panel.

The 4-unit tandem system achieves a continuous printing speed of 35 sheets/minute for both full color and monochrome. The first print is full color 7.2 seconds or less, monochrome 4.7 seconds or less. High-speed performance that does not make you feel stress is very effective in improving the efficiency of medical dispensing operations. Equipped with “PostScript 3 emulation”, Ricoh SP C842DN supports output from Mac OS as standard. The Airprint function comes standard with iOS and macOS. You can automatically search for multifunction devices and printers on the same network and print.

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Ricoh SP C842DN is equipped with various noise reduction technologies that suppress the sound leakage of the drive sound inside the machine, such as the fan that was operating during standby and the proposal of the drive sound of the gears, it realizes quietness that eliminates the sound that makes people uncomfortable.

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